Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 2

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 2

By Max Seebohm

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Melbourne to Rome via Singapore

Down to breakfast early as it was fairly busy at the hotel, they had the Australian hockey team staying as well, anyway had a great breakfast and it was a beautiful day outside. While waiting for our transfer coach to arrive some went for a walk, some went to the shops to buy some last minute things while others just enjoyed the sunshine. As usual everyone was early for the transfer so we all sat out the front of the hotel 43 suitcases and 43 backpacks lining the footpath while we waited and enjoyed the sunshine.

Our transfer coach was early so we had all the bags loaded onboard and were on our way to the airport. Mind you the coach driver was glad to see the last one of those bags go on, he had a good workout before our drive to the airport. It wasn’t long and we were arriving at the airport a little bit ahead of schedule.

Now with all the airport changes we have to be dropped off at the arrival area and then walk to the terminal, heading upstairs to departures for our check in. As you can imagine getting 43 people through a busy international airport is a big job to coordinate everyone to have all the right paperwork etc ready and keep it all moving to get through in reasonable time.

Everyone is glad to be checked in so we don’t have to drag around those big heavy suitcases everywhere we go. Now to get everyone to the International Departure area and through the security section and then onto Immigration for clearance to leave the country. Then we are through to the duty free area and on our way to the departure lounge ready to board our long haul flight. Our first stop on this flight is in Singapore to change planes for our onward flight to Rome.
Over the years we have worked out a good system for getting everyone through airports and it seems to work very well. We had a little hiccup which had the old heart going for a while, so you could say that I was pleased to see everyone sitting on that plane, our flight from Melbourne to Singapore was uneventful arriving on time.

After waiting for everyone to get off the plane in terminal two I then decided to give everyone some exercise so we walked to terminal three, a fair walk but we had been sitting for about seven and a half hours with another twelve hours to come so I thought it was a good idea. It also gave everyone the opportunity to see how massive the Singapore Airport is. When we arrived at our gate we had a reasonable wait and by the time we boarded it was another day!

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