Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 11

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 11

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast we headed into Venice and as it is a city on water we could only go a certain way by coach before we all had to get onto a water taxi to get into the city. This was a very different way of doing things but everyone seemed to enjoy it and got a good look at everything on the way in. It was amazing to see how many boats were on the water at one time with no incidents, everything just seems to work. On arrival in town we were met by our guides and taken on a tour of the inner city to see the iconic Saint Marks Square and Doge’s Palace to enjoy one of the world’s most impressive art collections.

Venice is made up of about 200 islands connected by about 400 bridges. The only way to get around is to walk or catch a boat, they have water taxis or water buses to get you where you need to go. Venice is built on a foundation of many wooden poles driven a long way into the ground and then everything built on top of that. It’s amazing when you see it all it blows you away, you can’t imagine how It carries all the weight of the buildings and infrastructure let alone all the thousands of tourists that visit here every day.

After a fantastic tour we then had time to have some lunch and some free time. During the free time 35 of the group went on a 30 minute gondola ride around through some of the canals. It was very relaxing and enjoyable, very glad we did it and had lots of laughs. Some people went on a glassblowing tour and made some beautiful purchases. Murano glass is a very expensive purchase but is an investment, cheap copies of these are available but are no match for the local quality vases and jewellery, they all very beautiful. Lacemaking is also another craft of Venice and hopefully people keep supporting this craftsmanship and it continues.

Seating is at a premium in Venice, you can buy a coffee for 2 euros and stand up or 8 euros to sit down but you were allowed to use their toilet as long as you bought something.

We all went to the docks to catch our water taxis back to our hotel, all I can say is thank god Rebecca speaks good Italian or we might have still been waiting. When we got off the water taxi Edwardo was waiting for us to take us back to our hotel for our last night in Venice what a fantastic day we all had.

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