Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 12

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 12

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast today we are leaving Venice to go to Graz in Austria, today is a transit day as we are on our way to Budapest to meet our river ship. Our first stop is at a service area on the motorway where we are having a coffee for morning tea. Today is quite a long day we go through the last part of Italy and then into Austria. As we cross the border the country changes quite dramatically with the reasonably flat land turning into a mountain range. It is very scenic with green rolling hills and many crops growing as well as plenty of trees, still not much stock around but lots of houses, the farms all look very tidy.

We travelled to a little place in the hills to have lunch, check out the Lipizzan horses at Piba Stud Farm and learn about these world famous horses. They breed them here for the performing Spanish horses and have been bred here for about four hundred years. They are brown or black when they are born and as they get older they start going grey, they change their coat twice a year and each time their colour gets lighter. We were given a tour of the whole complex and saw the mares, foals and stallions and the oldest horse they had there was 34 and retired, it will be pampered for the rest of his life, it was a great experience.

On arrival in Graz we were taken to our hotel and booked into our rooms before doing a walking tour of the city. Again everyone was out and about as it was a great day weather wise and it was also a public holiday. Heaps of restaurants have outdoor dining, and ice cream is very popular in all these places with ice cream shops everywhere. All these towns have town squares and there’s always something happening there.

Our dinner tonight was at our hotel dining room which was great and it also was the last night we had our tour director Rebecca and our driver Edwardo, they would both be leaving us tomorrow after they dropped us off at Budapest. Rebecca was great to work with and Edwardo was a very good driver for us it was a bit sad to see them go.

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