Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 15

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 15

By Max Seebohm

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Again today we get up to another amazing breakfast in the dining room. Today we are sailing to Vienna and as usual there is coffee and tea available all day with snacks and before you know it its morning tea time and more food comes out and the food thing starts all over again! We are enjoying sailing along and checking out the scenery and watching how all the locks work. It’s not long and they’re calling out its lunch time and here we go again, more food!

On arrival in the Vienna port of Nussdorf at approx. 1.30 pm, or tour starts as soon as we dock so everyone’s ready to go. When we get off the ship you have to collect a boarding pass so that the crew know we are off the ship and when we come back on board we have to hand it in, it’s their way of doing a head count and it seems to work very well.

Our tour consists of a coach tour around the city and the local guide points out all the places of interest, the population is about 1.7 million and has a cathedral in the middle of to the city St Stephens. It’s quite a beautiful city with shopping streets, many restaurants again with outdoor dining, we had a great walk through and around the city centre.

We also went to the famous schnapps Museums and had a guided tour by one off the owners and then got to sample some of the product, this was most enjoyable and some people even purchased some to take home. After our walking tour through the centre of the city we then enjoyed some free time for shopping.

On our return to the ship we didn’t miss afternoon tea! Drinks in the bar and then down to the dining room for the mandatory 4 course meal fantastic meal again, drinks in the bar late night snacks it never stops!

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