Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 20

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 20

By Max Seebohm

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Today starts with breakfast again champagne (if you need it) fruit, toast, pastries and whatever else you can imagine. The river level is rising a great amount because of the rain upriver so we will possibly have to change ships tomorrow. The water levels are too high for the low bridges so another ship is waiting for us in Nuremberg. Luckily for us Travelmarvel have a plan in place in case this happens otherwise we would be finishing this trip on a bus which wouldn’t be ideal.

Before we leave this morning we have to pack our bags and have them all out before we head down to breakfast. After breakfast we need to go down to the gangway of the ship and identify our bags so they can be loaded on the coach and travel with us for the day. The ship we have been travelling on was the Travelmarvel Diamond and the one we are transferring to is the Travelmarvel Jewel, identical ships so the changeover is relatively easy as we go straight back into the same cabins. That being said it is still a huge operation as all the people off the other ship have to be transferred to our original ship as well. All up they will be moving around 300 passengers and their luggage, all in a day’s work! No one is complaining though because the other option was not a good one, it was finishing the tour on a coach instead of on the river. Even though this was all going on they still managed to run the daily programme so we didn’t really miss a thing.

On our way to Nuremberg we have our first stop at a roadhouse for coffee/comfort stop and then hit the road again and head for one of the locks we weren’t going to see due to the ship change. On the way to Nuremberg we were on the autobahn where cars and light vehicles are allowed to do whatever speed they want to do. Some cars went past at a sizzling speed but most were pretty orderly, one thing I have noticed over here on the multi lanes highways is once the cars go passed they move into the slower lane straight away, wish they’d do that at home.

On arrival we were given time for some lunch, there was heaps of food available in the market square, fresh fruit, German finger sausages in bread which were delicious you name it and it was there. After lunch we had some time for shopping before we all met for a city tour which was a bus tour with a few stops around town at a few different places. We were given some information on the city, its history about the Second World War and Hitler and what he got up to before the war. Nuremberg was bombed very severely during the war and most of it has been rebuilt, it’s unbelievable when you see the pictures of the damage they suffered.

At the completion of our tour we were on our way to our new ship to check in. Unfortunately the staff did not change with the ship so we have to get to know the new staff on the new ship so it’s like starting a new holiday. We enjoyed a welcome afternoon tea and by the time everyone was checked in it was, you guessed it dinner time again. We had to check out the food to see how it compared, well I’m here to tell you it was just as good so we were at it again, eating.

We enjoyed another performance on board tonight after dinner, it was Valerie May a singer who was fantastic. She sang quite a lot of tunes that we have all heard before but she sang them in a lot different languages and was very entertaining, a great night. A late night snack was available to those who wanted it and then it was time to head off to bed as it has been a very big busy day.

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