Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 22

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 22

By Max Seebohm

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After another fantastic breakfast in the dining room we are off for another outing, the buses are picking us up and taking us to the Wurzburg Residenz magnificent!! We have a tour of the inside of the palace and it is truly spectacular, it has to be seen to be believed, too hard to describe but a must to see, another one for the bucket list!

At the completion of the palace tour we had the option to either catch the coach back to the ship or take a 20 minute walk through town and then back to the ship. Most people chose the latter and enjoyed their walk through the town on a beautiful sunny day and then along the river back to the ship.

On arrival back to the boat, guess what it was lunch time. This afternoon most of the passengers were heading off to Rothenburg where there was a festival happening. Today will be Meistertrunk Festival with folklore groups and some local entertainment.

Rothenburg is one of the most picturesque villages in Germany and certainly one of the most famous, the village is completely surrounded by its city wall and full of charm. Visiting this place feels like going back in time. The town is also home of Germany’s famous Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store and that’s why most of our people went on this optional tour for the afternoon.

Those that didn’t go on this optional tour chose to stay and relax on the boat as there are a few people feeling a little under the weather and the rest would do them good. Others (including me) decided to go on a bike ride as the ship has got a contingent of bikes available for passengers to use. Four of us headed off on the bikes, we thought we would just go for a ride along the river well we got about three kilometres down the bike track and one of the bikes broke in half, snapped the main bolt off and left the rider with a bike in two bits. That was the end of our ride as we had to walk the bike back to the ship and after that we had all lost the enthusiasm to go on so we had a relaxing afternoon on the ship. I’m glad we were only three kilometres away and not fifteen or the bike might have accidentally found its way into the river!

At 6.00 pm all those that did the optional tour returned to the ship and as soon as they were all on board we were sailing again and on our way to Miltenberg. A short briefing in the lounge about the happenings for the next day and then the doors to heaven are open for dinner again, more food.

In the gym on the ship some people have found that there is a set of scales and they are weighing themselves to see how much weight they have put on, I have heard varying reports but sadly no one has lost weight, I can’t imagine why!

After dinner there is more live entertainment in the lounge by Pitchwork a group of three people singing and dancing, very entertaining. Again late night snacks are available or maybe a nightcap and then off to bed, there are some party animals but not too many.

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