Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 23

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 23

By Max Seebohm

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Breakfast this morning was good as usual I might not have mentioned it before but at breakfast time the chefs will cook you your eggs however you want them fried, poached or scrambled as well as omelettes of your choice.

After breakfast this morning we have a glassblowing demonstration in the lounge Mr Ittig from Wurzburg, him and his wife have a shop where they sell all of their craft. When the ships can’t get a berth in Wurzburg he comes onto the ship and does his demonstration and then sells all his wares. He comes from a long line of glass blowers originally escaping from East Germany to start another life and has done very well.

When his demonstration was over (which I might say was very entertaining and informative and I’ve never seen anyone doing such intricate work and still be able to talk and fool around at the same time) it was a mad scramble to buy. He was busy for well over an hour and was continually ringing his shop getting them to bring more stock, his sales went through the roof, I would say he had a great day.

It was now time for lunch again, after lunch we have something new happening, home hosting, where all the passengers go to different German families for coffee and a chat. We were all divided up into groups, my group was a group of 6 people and we were dropped off at the host family’s house. They were waiting out the front for us and we were introduced and were welcomed into their house, their names were Ernest and Monika. Ernest spoke reasonably good English but his wife did not understand much but was very interested so Ernest had to interpret everything to her which was a bit of fun. I must say though her English was better than our German, we are not very educated when it comes to languages, most people over here speak at least two or three languages. Monika had been cooking for the occasion and we had the best apple strudel I’ve ever tasted, we also had ice cream and a liqueur poured over it along with tea and coffee. They were very interested in our country and where we lived etc.

Ernest was a retired soldier of 30 years and now just did some tour guiding and home hosting and Monika worked at a retirement home they had two sons. They showed us all through their home and garden and before we had to go they insisted that we have to have a glass champagne to celebrate our visit to their home.

Talking with other passengers when we got back to the ship they all enjoyed it as well so I would say this is a fairly successful thing to do. Back on the ships do tonight we cruise to Rudesheim. We enjoyed a port talk with Bartel in the lounge about tomorrow’s happenings and then the gates to heaven are open, it’s time for dinner again.

After dinner we have more entertainment with Jela a singer and dancer who entertained us for one and a half hours and then it was late night snacks (more food) and bed time.

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