Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 24

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 24

By Max Seebohm

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At about 4.00 am we cruised past the city of Frankfurt I don’t think too many people saw it but we did pass it, the best part of this trip is calling at all the little towns and villages along the way.

We have breakfast this morning in the restaurant and then we enter the river Rhine and enjoy the cruise arriving at Rudesheim. When we are docked we leave the ship by mini train to go to Siegfrieds Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum. A stunning collection of mechanical musical instruments and organs with nearly every instrument he has collected has not been operational until he has repaired them and got them working. When you go to the museum they demonstrate that they all work and the guides play some music on them, some have electric motors to run them while some are operated and some you need to wind up. They are all very old machines a very worthwhile visit. The museum is housed in an old town mansion, when you leave the museum surprise surprise you leave through the gift shop.

There is time to have a wander around town for some shopping and a coffee and then wander back to the ship or if you want to go back on the mini train you can do that but it is a great walk back to the ship. Some people had lunch in town and enjoy a Rudesheim coffee. A sip of brandy is poured into a special mug and set on fire, then doused with coffee and topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes, something not to be missed.

Lunch is served in the restaurant again today, before we depart to Andernach. This afternoon we are entering the scenic Rhine Gorge there will be castles on both sides of the river have your cameras ready. Steep slopes, many covered by vineyards and accompanied by picturesque towns and little villages. While cruising through the Rhine Gorge we also pass the Loreley Rock where the Rhine river has its narrowest and deepest stretch. They say she sat on the rock combing her long blonde hair enticing the Captains of the river ships to come close to the edge of the river and their ships would be broken up on the rocks in the shallow water, German folklore there are songs and poetry written about it for further info (Google it).

While passing through this area it is best to be on the sundeck to get some fantastic shots and to see what’s happening on both sides of the river. At 7.00pm meet in the lounge for out port talk with Bartel about tomorrow’s program. After the talk it was yummy yummy yummy time, the doors to heaven are open, it’s dinner time again. These dinners are coming to an end we’ve only got a few nights to go and all these great meals will be over, that’s a bit sad we are all getting used to getting waited on.

Tonight after dinner we will be meeting all the staff on the boat, they will be singing and dancing and having fun with the guests they have been waiting on for the last two weeks, lots of fun. Late snacks available or bed time I think most people chose the latter what another great night.

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