Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 25

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 25

By Max Seebohm

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This morning at 5.00 am we are on the move from Andernach to Bonn, I don’t know why they told us this I’ll bet nobody gets out of bed for that, breakfast doesn’t start till 6.30 am but most don’t get there until 8.00 am as they’ve made the beds on these ships way to comfortable.

Today we all need to be up and organised a little earlier as we have to be ready for our excursion at 8.30 am to Drachenburg Castle, we are taken up so far by bus and the we are taken the rest of the way on a cog wheel train. The cog wheel train has rails just like a train but has a cog wheel that meshes with a set of teeth mounted in the centre of the train tracks and that’s what allows it to go up the steep grades to get us up to the castle. When we get to the top we are given a tour of the castle, what an unbelievable and fantastic view down into the valleys and onto the city, a very worthwhile visit. Just for your information Michael Schumacher got married here a few years ago now but what a venue, it would be the ultimate place but I’d hate to think how much it would cost for the venue.

Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven, he moved to Vienna and lived there till his death and remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers. Our tour of Bonn was cancelled due to a 1000 kilogram undetonated World War 2 bomb being found near Cologne, the river was going to be closed at 2.30 pm due to the fact they were going to diffuse it that afternoon. This meant we had to be past that point otherwise we would be waiting for hours. So guess what the ship was leaving at once and we were heading to the dining room for lunch. Another chance to have more food!

After lunch we got to Cologne and got past it before the river was closed which was good to get this out of the way. By this time it was afternoon tea time and Gabor was playing his piano for a bit of entertainment it was really good.

We then had a briefing in the lounge about the group going on the Paris extension that was us, and there were a few others 52 of us in total, anyway we were told how it would all happen. I already knew this as we have done it 3 times before and I was right nothing had really changed, anyway everyone listened and it just reinforced what I had already told my group.

The lounge is now closed as we are having a captains farewell cocktail tonight before dinner when the whole crew of the ship is introduced to the passengers, the chefs, waiters, bar staff, housekeeping and the Nordic crew (sailors). They all play their part to make this whole thing work as well as it does, what a team, what a team effort.

After a beautiful dinner again everyone was getting a bit sad we only had two more nights left on the ship, it has been a great trip, great food just too much of it and great times, all the optional tours were good in actual fact I could not fault anything that wasn’t good.

Relaxing in the lounge was the go and a few of the staff were dancing and having a good time it was a good night, oh and there were late night snacks if anyone was interested, it was bed time for me.

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