Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 27

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 27

By Max Seebohm

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Amsterdam to Paris

Early start this morning, bags out and then down to breakfast for the last time. Check out of your cabin, drop your keys into reception, go out to where all the bags are and identify your luggage then get on the coach and we are heading for Paris. It wasn’t long and we were on our way, it also wasn’t long and a lot of people were asleep, it has been a big four weeks or so with Italy and then the cruise.

We have a few people not well with a virus that most have battled some have had to see doctors along the way, some people have missed some bits and pieces of the trip because of illness. When you’re on the other side of the world this can happen and it doesn’t matter how well you think you’re prepared for it, flu injection vitamins etc they have different strains of viruses over here so they can still get you.

On the way to Paris on the motorway it’s very busy with traffic and we had our Tour Director Eric telling us about everything along the way. We had our first stop going through Belgium at a motorway service area for a comfort stop and coffee. We then drove about another two hours and stopped again this time we were in France and it was lunch time. There was much food to choose from, I think most people were happy to get their hands on some junk food as many had hamburgers or chips and I was one of them. We hadn’t seen any junk food for a while we had been eating too well.

A couple more hours and we were in the outskirts of Paris, traffic was very heavy as we are starting to get into rush hour. Eric said don’t worry it’s Friday night shouldn’t be very busy, we’ll all I can say if that’s not busy I’d hate to see it when it is! We arrived at our hotel at about 4.30 pm, when I saw the hotel from the street I wasn’t that impressed but when we got inside it was excellent, huge and the rooms were very good. The service was good but the drinks were over the top, I think most people only bought one drink there and that was it, there were plenty of restaurants just outside in the street.

Dinner tonight was whatever you wanted and at your own cost so most people found somewhere to dine close by and then just went off to bed after another big day. One of the ladies on our trip was being met by her brother and his wife who are also our friends and he took us to a typical little French restaurant where we caught up on some news and had a great meal.

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