Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 3

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 3

By Max Seebohm

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Arrive Rome

After about twelve hours flying time we arrived in Rome and were met by two representatives from Travelmarvel and transferred to our hotel in the heart of Rome. As it was only about 8.00am in the morning we dropped our luggage at the hotel. Most people went for a walk and some waited at the hotel for their rooms to be ready. Most people ended up down by the river and found it to be really good, there were lots of street stalls selling all sorts of wares and great little shop selling all sorts of food and drinks. We enjoyed a nice early lunch and had a walk along the river taking a few photos of some of the buildings along the way which was great and a bonus was we were able to fill in a couple of hours while we waited.

On arrival back at the hotel we were informed that our rooms were still not ready and the reason for this was that the hotel had a late check out policy which meant that no one had to check out of their room until twelve noon. They do things a little different here but we need to remember we are in their country so we need to respect that, and besides all that it is a beautiful hotel and well positioned close to shopping and dining options.

At 3.00pm we left the hotel for our tour to see some of the sights of Rome starting with a bit of a drive looking at buildings and vantage points to get good views of the city and a lot of the ruins of years gone by, each building or ruin has its own history and story. We continued our tour of the city and then onto the Coliseum. Many of these buildings have been standing for over 2000 years. It all becomes more interesting when you hear all the stories and information from our very knowledgeable tour guides. Unbelievable engineering feats considering they didn’t have any of the tools and equipment back in those days like we have got today. Visitors are kept to a maximum of 3000 a day otherwise it would be too crowded and you would have trouble seeing anything. After our tour we were being picked up to go out to dinner at the Navona Square a short but enjoyable walk from where the coach dropped us. We walked through the narrow little streets, had a beautiful typical Italian meal with way too much food, 5 courses with wine. Alfresco dining at its best in Rome, sometimes you have to pinch yourself. There was some music playing in the background and even though everyone was tired it was a great night out. It was then time to go back to our hotel for a good nights sleep after our huge day.

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