Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 30 & 31

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 30 & 31

By Max Seebohm

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Heading for Home

Bags out early, breakfast in the dining room, check out of the hotel, identify you suitcase and get on the coach we are bound for the airport. Heavy traffic this morning so it took ages to get through to the motorway. This meant we got to the airport later than we would have liked, but lucky we got a park just outside the terminal so we didn’t have to walk very far and we were checking in very quickly until the luggage belt broke down. Then it turned into a bit of a circus, we ended up weighing our bags and the stacking them in front of where you check in. Anyway we all got through it and it wasn’t long and we were on the huge conveyer belts that take you out to the departure lounges. On the way you go through immigration and then security and then at last you are in the departure lounge.

A quick count up and everyone is there, now it’s just waiting to get on the plane for the long flight back to Singapore. It wasn’t long and we were on the plane and heading for Singapore, I’m glad we were able to book an A380 for this leg of the trip, plenty of room and quite a few spare seats. A comfortable trip, only 13 hours and we’ll be in Singapore, I think I was asleep before we took off.

It didn’t seem to take too long and we were landing, but I think everyone slept pretty well. We were landing in Singapore at about 7.30 am, we were getting off at terminal 3 and when checking in for our next flight we were leaving from terminal 2. As we had arrived so early our next flight was not even listed so we were just told to stay put until it was on the board so that’s what we did. Some snoozed in the chairs, some went for a walk, some had a coffee or did some shopping. When the info came up on the board our first info was correct so I moved everyone to B6 and even though it was in the same terminal it seemed like we had walked for miles but eventually we arrived and found another chair each and "hurry up and wait"!

Eventually it was time to go through security etc and it wasn’t long and we were getting on the plane for home, another flight, this time it’s only 6 and a bit hours so that’s good we’ll be there in half the time. It was a pretty uneventful flight and it wasn’t long and we started our decent into Melbourne, it’s funny because the last 5 hours we’ve been flying over Australia. Anyway we landed in Melbourne about 8.15 pm and it wasn’t long and we were all through immigration and customs and in arrivals, when we were all there I called my driver he was sitting out in the bus park waiting for us. It was wet and cold outside, 5 minutes later we were loading up all the bags and getting everyone on board to head to our hotel in the city for the night. On arrival we got everyone inside and most went off to bed, however some of us went around to Lygon Street for a pizza and a coffee we’d been hanging out for that then it was bed time.

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