Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 4

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 4

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast in the dining room we set off to see some more sights of Rome, our coach picked us up to take us to the Vatican which was just a short trip away. When we arrived there was a line up a mile long but lucky for us our guide had already purchased our tickets so we were fast tracked to the entrance which was great otherwise we would have been waiting for hours to get in. We started our tour and gradually made our way through all the gallery’s, museums, corridors and eventually through to the Sistine Chapel, such places you have only heard about and dreamt about! Michael Angelo painted all the pictures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which took him about four years to do, a few years ago they refurbished the ceiling and it took ten years.

We then went onto the Trevi Fountain, walking through all the busy little streets and alleyways to get there. Unfortunately when we arrived there the whole thing was being fully refurbished so there wasn’t a lot to see so we might have to google it to appreciate what it’s all about. On the way there we were looking at the hundreds of souvenir shops and getting photos with people dressed up in all kinds of period costumes. There is so much going on you don’t know where to look first. Tourism is well and truly up and about here with up to 22000 people a day going through the Vatican area. You have never seen so many people trying to get through narrow corridors and alleyways before but was all very worth it to see all of these places.

We then went on to Pantheon, a circular temple that dates back to 118AD and saw many other places of note along the way around Rome ending up in the same square where we had dinner the night before. Seeing it in the day, made it look entirely different with all the artists, paintings and things that were going on during the day. We then walked back to our coach which was waiting for us to take us back to our Hotel.

We were all pleased to get back, walking on cobblestones all day and up and down stairs takes its toll. Some people were happy to stay at the hotel and have a couple of drinks before dinner, others went around the corner to a pizza & pasta restaurant and had a nice meal. We did learn however that just because bread and water is put on the table it is not necessarily complimentary as the bill at the end of the meal reflected. Anyway we had a great meal and we had a lot of fun, as they say “When in Rome do what the Romans do, pay for your bread and water”.

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