Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 6

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 6

By Max Seebohm


Early start this morning off to the Isle of Capri for the day, about a twenty minute bus ride down to the docks and then about a 20 minute boat ride. There’s only about 12000 people that make the trip every day, tourism is obviously working well here. The best bit about our trips is everything is pre organised. We are getting on to the boat with hundreds of other people and our tickets have been purchased for us so all we have to do is get onboard. It’s like this wherever we go, no lining up to buy tickets it’s great.

On arrival we are loaded up into our little buses and taken up to the township, they are short little buses only holding 22 passengers. Our group was split into two then up the windy little road we went again, wow it was steep and narrow but everyone seem to get passed okay. Once we were up the top we were doing a walking tour around the streets and visited a historic villa called the Villa San Michele, this was situated quite high up in hills of the island and had beautiful views down to the docks and out to sea. After our visit we were free to have a wander around and a look at the shops (plenty of souvenirs) and then to have some lunch, plenty of outside eating places and it was a beautiful day, it’s tough at the top.

Aboard another bus and we go a bit further down to the township of Capri for a walking tour of the village which also had some beautiful views and shops, hotels and buses. They even had these little trollies with motorbike engines which they use to bring all the luggage for visitors to the hotels and anything else that needs carrying to all the shops etc. as they have no other way of getting it there.

After spending a bit more time here we caught yet another little bus to get us back down to the port to catch our ferry to return us to the mainland in Sorrento which took us about twenty minutes before being transferred back to our hotel.

Dinner tonight was something very different we split up into three groups and were picked up by three different Italian families and taken to their homes for a beautiful three course meal home cooked. The mother was a great cook and the father was a builder, it was an amazing experience to meet this family, there was the mother who spoke reasonable English, the father who spoke very limited English, two teenage daughters who were studying English at school and spoke very well as well as a couple of other languages, then there was a boy who was about ten and a little girl about five. We had a great night tried some home made white wine and some lemoncello a drink made from lemons and some other spirits, it’s sort of like a liqueur you don’t need too much of it but it is very nice. We had a lot of fun with this family and made some new friends it was a great experience and would do it again, in fact it was a bit sad when it was time to go back to our hotel.

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