Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 7

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 7

By Max Seebohm

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San Gimignano

After breakfast this morning we headed off for our tour of Pompeii the city that was covered with ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79 this site provides a vivid picture of ancient Roman life. The best part about these tours are that they always use local tour guides and Travelmarvel gives everyone a little radio with an earpiece. The guide speaks into a microphone and as long as you are close by you can hear what they are saying, that’s a good thing because some places have thousands of people trying to do the same thing. We Split into two groups with 2 local tour guides and away we went.

This walking tour was for about an hour through all the cobble stone streets of Pompeii. Hearing all the stories about what happened here was very interesting. I was here about 40 years ago and I can remember just walking around here and without a tour guide we didn’t learn much so it meant a lot more this time.

The tour guides are really good and like a bit of a joke, they made the tour a lot of fun. After our tour we had some time to have a look around have a drink. Their specialty here is freshly squeezed orange juice and surprise, surprise more gift shops.

It was a beautiful drive through the wine growing areas of Tuscany on our way to our overnight accommodation in San Gimignano, the town is set up on top of a hill. Just before we got off the coach Rebecca (Tour Director) let us know the plans and times for tomorrow. She is doing a great job keeping things running very smoothly and getting us where we need to be each day. Our driver Edwardo hasn’t got lost once yet! Well not that we know of anyway! He is doing a roaring trade with his bottled water @ one euro a bottle (cheaper than the shops).

Our hotel was a little way out of town but was very nice and had a beautiful dining area where we all had a very nice three course meal and some local wine, a great way to finish off another great day.

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