Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 9

Europe River Cruise with Italy & Paris Day 9

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast this morning we were off into town for another walking tour around the city to check out all the sights of Florence. We started off at the look out that looks over the city with some great views of the cathedral, the river, the bridges and the synagogue plus much more. And yes you guessed it plenty of souvenir shops and people trying to sell us all sorts of things while we were there. While we were there a tour group all driving little Fiat 500s drove in and boy were there heaps of them! I didn’t think there were that many of them still on the road, so was great to see.

We were then back on the coach to be dropped off downtown to see such sights as the cathedral, down to the river to check out the bridges and then back into the city square. Here we were invited into a jewellery and leather shop by an Australian lady named Maria. Maria let everyone use the toilet in her shop for free which is not common, gave us a talk on yes you guessed it jewellery and leather which was very good and Informative, and also a great sales pitch. She originally came from Melbourne, she has been in Florence for over 20 years designing jewellery and leather products which she markets very well. Some people invested in her goods.

We then had time for some lunch, the good part about these cities is they are all into their food so there are outdoor eating places everywhere so we all don’t have to go to the same place and it’s reasonably easy to find somewhere to eat.

After lunch we were going for an ice cream, one thing I might mention is it was wall to wall people visiting this place so it was hard to know if we had everyone. This time Rebecca was buying us all an ice cream so we knew if we gave all the ice cream tickets out and had none left we would be right. Who would miss out on a FREE icecream!

After this we were transferred by Edwardo back to our hotel for a rest before dinner.

Tonight we all went in different directions for dinner, some went to a steakhouse, others went to alfresco Italian restaurant and some stayed at our hotel.

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