New York & Route 66 - Disneyland

New York & Route 66 - Disneyland

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast this morning we left for to Disneyland for the day, we didn? end up leaving til about 8.00pm and then caught a taxi back to our hotel. Mary and Steve ran shuttles from Disneyland to the hotel during the day for those that had had enough but some people didn’t get back till midnight.

There were about 50 000 people there and heaps of parents with their children, they had a parking lot for strollers and gofers. We were told that was a quiet day sometimes there’s 100 000 people there, let’s just say I wouldn’t like to be there then. We found out that it was like a long weekend there that’s why it was so busy, but anyway everyone that went had a good time going on all the rides and there were plenty. There were also plenty of Disney characters available to meet to have photos taken which was a bit of a buzz for people.

We had often wondered what Disneyland would be like and now we know, it was pretty special to go there. We decided to stay and watch the grand parade which was on for about half an hour and was spectacular.

We then caught a taxi and returned to our hotel where a few were still in the bar having dinner and a few drinks, so we decided to do the same and then head off to bed, heading to LA tomorrow.

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