New York & Route 66 - Flagstaff

New York & Route 66 - Flagstaff

By Max Seebohm

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Early start today after breakfast we are on our way to Flagstaff, with a few stops on the way. Our first stop was at the Acoma Sky City home of the Pueblo Indians situated on a 109 metre high sandstone it is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited village in the United States.

It was interesting to see how these people lived in this little village perched up on top of a rock with a perfect view of anyone trying to enter the village, you can see why they built it there, lots of history here. No power or running water and very sandy, wouldn’t be a great place to be on a windy day! Lots of opportunities to buy handcrafted Indian pottery, jewellery and other handy crafts. The people own their homes but never the land, you were only allowed to take photos if you purchased a green sticker and put it on your camera but there was still places that were taboo.

We had a photo stop at the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, there were heaps of photos and memorabilia here of movie stars of yesteryear and plenty of old furniture and staircases. It was really good to stop at these places, brings back many memories of old movies and things we saw in years gone by. After this we went to the other part of town and had lunch at maccas for a change, same as home.

We continued on our way and saw quite a few trains along the way all very long and full of containers. These trains must take a huge amount of trucks off the road, but we are still seeing more than enough trucks on the road in our travels!

Our next stop was at Holbrook to take some photos of the Wigwam motel which had 15 rooms shaped like wigwams and looked really good. Unfortunately there was no one there so we couldn’t have a look in side There were a lot of old neon signs and buildings.

Moving onto Winslow Arizona you know the Eagles song standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona! We had a bit of time to have a look around Winslow, check out a few more gift shops and everyone enjoyed a visit to the La Pasada hotel which had been refurbished by the new owners.

We arrived in Flagstaff late afternoon and after settling into our hotel we went out to a diner for dinner, had a meal and returned to the hotel for the night. No bar at this Hotel, some went across the road to Porky’s pub for a couple of drinks but most had an early night.

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