New York & Route 66 - Grand Canyon

New York & Route 66 - Grand Canyon

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast our first stop was Cameron’s Trading post you guessed it another very big gift shop. We then journeyed on to the Grand Canyon to get our first look, we stopped at the Watch Tower where most people climbed up to the top to get better view. The views were spectacular, we then went to the village where we had time to go and have some lunch and have some more views from the rim. In the village all the shops are built around the edge it’s amazing. It? got to be seen to be believed!

Later in the afternoon we went out to the helipad where 27 of our group went on a half hour helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon which was amazing! I’ve been on a few helicopter flights but this one was incredible, amazing views and the half hour flight was over before we knew it, you could have flown around out there for hours it was so good.

When the flights were over we made our way our accommodation which was a bush lodge in the National Park called Yavapai Lodge not far from the south rim of the canyon. It was get your own dinner tonight so everyone went in a different direction to restaurants, cafes, pubs etc.

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