New York & Route 66 - Grand Canyon Day 2

New York & Route 66 - Grand Canyon Day 2

By Max Seebohm

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We are staying in the National Park in a bush lodge so this morning we have a bit of a walk down to the restaurant for breakfast and most people made use of the free buses that take you into the village which sits on the rim of the Grand Canyon. These buses do pick ups and drop offs around the rim, so you can go to the viewing points get off the bus go and have a look around take some photos then catch the bus again and move onto the next view point and so on. The buses are going past each point about every fifteen minutes so there’s no problem getting where you want to go.

It was great for everyone to have a free day to do what they wanted to do. Most people took advantage of it and had a good day exploring, some caught up on their washing and others had a bit of time out. The Grand Canyon is about seven thousand feet above sea level and the air gets a bit thin so it can be a bit harder to do anything too physical if you are not used to it so you just need to take it a bit easier.

We went and had a look at the mules that are used to carry people and goods down to the bottom of the canyon along narrow trails. They stay down there overnight and then come back the next day, if you do want to do this you probably need to book this about twelve months out (very popular) some of these rides were cancelled while we were there as they had a water main burst so they had no water at the overnight lodge accommodation down at the bottom. That would have been disappointing for the people that had booked so long ago.

There is also a train that comes in every day from Williams, it is full of tourists every day. They really know about making the most of their tourism opportunities, this is the end of the season so I’d hate to be here in peak season you wouldn’t be able to move.

The canyon itself is quite unbelievable you just can’t get your head around how big it is and how deep, and it looks so different from every angle. I think I was taking so many photos that the shutter on my camera was running hot and I’ve got so many photos I don’t know which ones to delete! Oh and I nearly forgot to mention yes they do have gift shops and yes our people are still buying from them I hope the aircraft we are coming home on has plenty of room!

After a busy day we went down to the cafe had a couple of drinks and some dinner and had an early night because tomorrow we are heading for Las Vegas for three nights.

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