New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas

New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas

By Max Seebohm

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A big walk down to the cafe again this morning and then we departed the Grand Canyon for Vegas. Our first stop in was in Williams to watch a mock up of some Cowboys having some fun with the passengers that were going to the Grand Canyon on the train. They were having an argument with the town sheriff and then there was a gun fight the first shot that went off frightened the hell out of everyone, they were blanks of course.

Enjoyed our lunch stop at Kingman, there was a guy sitting in McDonald’s with a six guns in a holster, most people didn’t know what to think of that but it is quite legal to wear a gun as long as it’s not concealed it has to be on show. Although this is not the norm we didn’t see much of this at all. Went into Walmart for lunch and had a look at all the bargains, unbelievable what these shops have, a few people bought new suitcases because they have run out of room, the coach driver thinks it’s funny, I don’t think he’s ever seen so much luggage.

Nearly to Las Vegas we saw the silver chloride mine not far off the road this is used in X Rays, we stopped at Seligman a little town just off the freeway where there were just a handful of shops and heaps of tour coaches and tourists everywhere. Sue and I decided to shout everyone an ice cream from a very popular ice cream shop.

We got a glimpse of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on our way past and then called in at a park where we saw a mob of long horn sheep that live up in hills and come down to the park to eat the fresh green grass in the afternoons. Good lawn mowers I’m thinking.

Arriving on the outskirts of Las Vegas we stopped at a big sign which said welcome to Las Vegas, great photo opportunity and then continued on. Arriving at our hotel at about 4.30pm couldn’t believe how big everything was especially our hotel. We are staying at Harrahs which had everything you could ask for accommodation was great, restaurants, gift shops, poker machines, gambling tables and bars as far as you could see it looked like there was no end to the place.

Once we got settled into our rooms and went for a walk around to check things out, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, everything was so big, music, shows, musicals, hustle and bustle, thousands of people out and about drinking, playing the pokies, partying and enjoying all the things that were available to them. Bars, piano bars, live bands, Elvis impersonators and lots of other things going on, food restaurants, anyway back to reality for a minute, tonight we are heading to downtown Las Vegas to see what’s happening, Mary seemed to think we would like to see what’s down there.

Steve was kind enough to drive us down there and Mary was right, we were blown away by what we saw. There was an overhead canopy which covered the mall for about 6 blocks, absolutely fantastic it was like a monster video screen with all sorts of pictures going on. The best was yet to come, every hour on the hour the lights all go out and it goes quiet because everyone is waiting for this to happen, then this monster canopy lights up and a feature video comes on and lasts for about 10 minutes. Its a great time, I’ve never seen anything like it and when it’s over a big cheer goes up, then everything goes back to normal. Loud, busy, live bands all sorts of people dressed up and heaps of people getting photos taken with these characters and tipping them, I guess this is how they all make a living.

Casinos everywhere, free drinks while you are gambling, very cheap meals, gift shops. Thousands of people, oh boy it’s party time and this place never closes. This is a great experience and we had a fun time but a real eye opener for most people. After a great night we went back to our hotel, we have a free day tomorrow and a lot of exploring to do.

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