New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas Day 2

New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas Day 2

By Max Seebohm

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New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas Day 2 11/10/2015 Breakfast today had lots of choices, we didn’t come down until a little bit later today as its a free day for everyone to go and do their own exploring. Some got an early start and some had a sleep in. I can only comment on what we saw for the day.

First up we went to have a look at the car museum which was only across the road in another casino building but believe it or not all the cars we went to have a look at were on the 5th floor of the building which I was a bit surprised about. We went and checked it out, they had a great variety of cars early model and later models, the main difference at this museum was most of these cars were for sale so every time you go there are different cars to see.

After this we decided to go for a wander around the strip and have a look at some other properties and man there are heaps of others, we went to Caesars Palace. This building is built over about four blocks and when you’re inside you can’t see where it ends, it is full of hotels, casinos, showrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, convention centres you name it’s there. In the showrooms they have world boxing bouts, concerts, musicals the list goes on it has to be seen to be believed. The theme in this hotel/casino was Roman with statues, water features paintings etc, very tastefully decorated.

It took most of the morning to explore this place and then we found our way back to our hotel for a late lunch before having some time out in the afternoon before going out for dinner at yet another casino.

Buffet style meal tonight, what a spread we had to choose from it was unreal, we then went to our show for tonight which was the Michael Jackson tribute show. It was very good the guy did an excellent job singing most of Jacko’s popular songs and was a very good dancer as well, moonwalking etc. The group of singers and dancers backing him up were all really good too.

At the end of the performance Steve took us back to our hotel via all the coloured lights and neon signs which was pretty impressive, I’d never seen anything like it before that’s for sure. Now back at our hotel some went off to bed and some went for a nightcap after a busy day.

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