New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas Day 3

New York & Route 66 - Las Vegas Day 3

By Max Seebohm

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We were picked up in specially built Jeeps that hold ten people and taken on a tour of Hoover Dam, it is one of the biggest engineering fetes ever attempted in America and it was great to be able to tour this amazing construction. We travelled out to the dam with our guide for the day Jeane who was full of information an talked for the twenty mile trip. She drove us across the top of the dam thing and at this point you realise what a huge construction it really is, we were able to walk across the top of it and then after a pretty strict security check we were able to start the tour, we had a very well organised and informative tour.

Some information about the dam and its construction! It took 4,360,000 cubic yards of concrete (we had a concrete contractor with us and he said he would have loved to get a contract like that), the dam is 724 feet high, the whole construction weighs 6,600,000 tonnes. Building commenced in 1931 and took five years to build and was finished two years early and came in under budget. It employed more than 21,000 men during this time.

It is also set up to generate power and we were able to go down to the bottom of the dam in a lift and see all of this, the whole tour was very well done and at the end there were gift shops and food shops and wall to wall people. They really make the most of every opportunity to make a buck out of tourism (multi million dollar business).

On our return to Las Vegas we had time to have some lunch before we went out to catch our limo (which Mary had organised for us) and about twelve of us went out the Shelby factory/museum to have a look at some cars. Carroll Shelby is an American icon and specialises in high performance ford mustangs, you can take your mustang there and get all the modifications done. Carroll Shelby died in 2012 but his legacy keeps going.

We got back in our limo which was a very long hummer and returned to our hotel. When I arrived back Sue wanted to go for a walk through the Venetian Casino which was a real eye opener, it had gondola rides right through the middle of the shopping centre on the second floor. It is supposed to look like the canals of Venice, it’s unreal to think that all that water is running through the complex at that level, the weight factor alone would be a bit of work for an engineer to work out. This place was full of casinos, bars, shopping centres, unbelievable to see all this stuff.

Tonight was a free night for everyone to do their own thing for dinner and have their last look around as tomorrow we were leaving to go to Anaheim for 2 nights. Finally get to go to Disneyland yahoo!

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