New York & Route 66 - Last Day

New York & Route 66 - Last Day

By Max Seebohm

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Today we had to load all our bags into the coach as we had to check out of our hotel before midday. We were going to Universal Studios this morning so we had something to fill in the day and wear everyone out so they would sleep on the plane.

Most of us went to Universal Studios and had a great day doing all the tours and rides. Time went really fast and it wasn’t long and we were being picked up to go back to the hotel for a freshen up. I ended up organising two extra rooms just so people could do this before a 14 hour flight it was nice to start off fresh but tired.

We headed off to the LAX International Airport with 5 lanes of traffic going each way pretty much bumper to bumper it took about an hour. We followed out usual process and got everyone through the book in process and security. We had a bit of time to have something to eat and drink and 10.00 pm didn’t take long to come around and we were boarding our flight for the long trip home.

We had a great trip home losing a day as we crossed the international date line and arrived back in Melbourne at approx 11.00am on Saturday morning. The airport was a nightmare as a lot of flights came in at the same time and there were people everywhere. I’ve never seen so many people waiting to be processed through immigration and customs.

By the time we went through the process it was about midday, I phoned up our transfer coach to come in and pick us up and after loading all the bags onto the coach and there were plenty of extras (too many gift shops I’m thinking) we made our way to our hotel in where we were staying for the night. Lucky we had organised to have our rooms ready for us when we arrived so we could get straight in.

I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and freshen up after sitting in an aircraft for 14 hours. A few of us went around the corner to the pub to have some good food and a beer and after that a lot of people went for a sleep. I think they were worn out as we had been on the road for 35 days. After a great trip away I think we are ready to be home. On Saturday night most people had a quiet night some went around to Lygon Street for a nice meal and then retired fairly early.

Our coach had arrived overnight to take us all home, after a beautiful breakfast we loaded up and headed for home, stopping for lunch at Ararat on the way and then Hamilton for a quick comfort stop arriving home at 3.00pm SA time with a welcoming committee. The families of our passengers were there to meet us in Mount Gambier the end of a very amazing trip across the USA, New York, Niagara Falls and Route 66 to LA.

Thanks to all those people who travelled with us, we hope we will see you again some time on another adventure. Thanks to those people that followed us on the blog it was hard to find the time to get it done so please let us know if you thought it was worth reading then I will decide if I will do the next adventure. Cheers Max

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