New York & Route 66 - Los Angeles

New York & Route 66 - Los Angeles

By Max Seebohm

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It wasn’t far to LA today but Mary had arranged with Steve to take us to Long Beach to have a look at the Queen Mary it’s now used as a hotel and lot of people rent a room on it and stay the night. Long beach port is known as being able to handle more stolen cars than anywhere else in the world, you can order whatever you want in high performance or luxury cars and it will be driven into a container and they’re on their way to you. It’s a huge container port and there are thousands of them sitting around. We called at the Cielleto markets where yes you guessed it heaps of gift shops and yes they were still buying stuff to bring home! There was heaps of things available and probably the best prices we had seen. LA downtown traffic flow is very slow even though in a lot of places they have 5 lanes of traffic going both ways.

We also called a Hancock Park to see the La Brea tar pits these are fenced off areas in the middle of town where thick oil and water lays and every now and then oil bubbles up in the water and its a black gooey mess, there’s even one place on the street where it bubbles out of the road and they have to come and repair the road every couple of days.

We drove around the Hollywood area looking at the film stars houses and up Rodeo Drive where all the movie stars do their shopping. If you want to shop exclusively they will close the shop to the public and just let you shop there, but you are expected to spend about $25 000 dollars.

Arrived at our last hotel in America for this trip at about 4.30 pm. Eighteen of us decided we would go and watch an ice hockey game, so as usual Mary was on the phone organising tickets to the game. Steve said he would take us so off we went in peak hour traffic, it took an hour to go 25 kms! We saw the Los Angeles Kings V Edmonton Oilers, a Canadian team. The game was played at the Staples Center a massive complex and a sellout crowd. Heavy security at the door and our seats were on the third level at the back but we still had a great view. There was much fanfare when the home team scored, a real spectacle to watch boy do they go hard at it, it’s a wonder there is not more injuries. It was a great night out and only took half the time to get home as the traffic had cleared a bit.

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