New York & Route 66 - New York Day 2

New York & Route 66 - New York Day 2

By Max Seebohm

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After a good nights sleep we were up for breakfast and ready to go sightseeing with Eddie again, today we were off to see The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on a boat trip, I couldn’t believe how many people were all trying to get to the same place as us and we are travelling at off peak tourist season. I would hate to be here in the peak holiday season you would not be able to move.

The security before we got on board the boat was very tight but after all the security we had been through at all the airports we are getting used to it and most people are taking it in their stride.

Once we got onboard the boat and started heading out to the Statue of Liberty the closer we got the more exciting it got. When we arrived it was like wow, and then you need to pinch yourself to make sure this is not a dream, I am really here! It’s a bit like arriving at Uluru for the first when you step out of your vehicle and are standing right next to it (I guess you need to have done it to understand).

It was amazing to be there and to have Eddie right there explaining everything, it’s something I will never forget anyway. After we were finished with taking photos and been through the gift shop we boarded the boat again and went to check out Ellis Island, this where all the immigrants from all different parts of the world were processed before being allowed into the population to become a citizen of the USA. After lunch on the island we made our way back to the city for a bit more touring and then returned to our hotel.

Later that night we headed to the top of the Rockefeller building just before dark so we can see the sights of the city in day light and then watch it get dark seeing all the lights come onion the city, it was quite a sight! But surprise surprise everyone had the same idea so it was very busy up there, everyone taking heaps of photos and then it was off to the Irish pub for a late dinner and a few drinks.

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