New York & Route 66 - New York Day 3

New York & Route 66 - New York Day 3

By Max Seebohm

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This was a free day and everyone went off in all directions, a few of us decided to buy a ticket on the hop on hop off bus and make our way to the 9/11 museum which so many people had told us was a must see. The bus made its way through Times Square and I was pleasantly surprised it’s nearly as impressive in the day time as it is at night but still with thousands of people around, with the majority being tourists from all parts of the world.

We then made our way through the hustle and bustle with many stops as the traffic does not move very fast because there is so much of it, the main advantage of this is that it gives you much more time to take photos from a great location, the open top of a double decker bus wow what a great way to check out a place like New York.

After a time on the bus we decided to get off and do a bit of a walk so we walked through Chinatown and that was an experience on its own with all the bartering that was going on you could have bought anything you wanted. I’ve never seen so much to choose from, some people ended up with things they didn’t even need because they were having so much fun.

Looking at the time we thought we better get moving as we had a booking at the 9/11 museum so we wandered through all the streets using the new Freedom Tower which was built near the 9/11 sight as a landmark to find our way.

On arrival we had to line up to be admitted, what I did notice was that there was a special line there for anyone who had lost someone in 9/11 and for firefighters and their families to be able to get in without waiting I thought that added a nice touch.

The security to get in was tight, once we got inside we had to cloak our backpacks as you were not permitted to walk around with them on your backs. We had planned to be there for an hour or so but ended up staying for about three hours and could have stayed longer, while it was amazing it is one of those places that you should see for yourself because of the emotions it stirs in you it’s hard to describe and effects everyone differently.

We climbed aboard the bus again to look at more things before arriving back at our hotel, everyone went out that night in all different directions, Sue & I went to a Broadway Show to see "Kinky Boots"! What a show, we can now say not only did we see a great show but we saw it on Broadway!

On our way back to the hotel we had to walk through Times Square and took the opportunity to have another look at all that was going on before heading out for a meal as we had been too busy all day to eat!

What a day!

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