New York & Route 66 - Niagara Falls

New York & Route 66 - Niagara Falls

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast we transferred to the airport for our super fast book in thanks to our great Tour Guide Mary! After we got through security (which everyone is getting good at) we had our own lounge area to wait for our flight with light refreshments which was great!

It’s only a short flight to Buffalo so it wasn’t long and we were landing, once getting through the airport on the other side we were heading for Niagara Falls, via the Canadian border, passports out again to get through the border which went like clockwork.

Arriving at the falls a lot of people got a surprise, there are actually 2 falls one on the USA side and one on the Canadian side and that’s why we crossed the border because the Canadian side is much more spectacular!

Most people don? realise that the falls are also in the middle of town and there are thousands of tourists there every day. We viewed the falls from a view point in town and had bit of a drive around to familiarise ourselves with what was there and then went and booked into our hotel. We enjoyed some free time before we went back into town for dinner to the top of the tower in the revolving restaurant and had a great 360 degree view of the falls and town at night. We were lucky to be there on the right night to see a marvellous fireworks display from a couple of levels above the restaurant.

Phew what a day!

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