Rail & Sail - Day 10

Rail & Sail - Day 10

By Max Seebohm

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Today was a sea day, no need to get up early so we enjoyed a late breakfast today. The sea was quite rough and there were a couple of people feeling the effects, up until then everyone had been quite good. After breakfast we just sat around talking and watching the big waves rolling on by. There were still plenty of activities happening around the cruise ship like bingo, trivia, movies, dancing classes, a big sale at the duty free shops and of course the casino was in full swing – always plenty to do!

Soon it was lunch time and you guessed it we were eating again. The captain of the cruise ship decided to put the ship on a slightly different course to try and make the ride a bit smoother and shortly after conditions did improve. Most of the people that were feeling a bit sick started to feel a bit better.

It was a pretty relaxing day today, the weather was quite nice as we were heading for Morton Island or as the locals call it Tangalooma. There is a large selection of activities that will be on offer tomorrow, so stay tuned for more info on that. The day went by with plenty of things to keep you occupied or just to take it easy and RELAX!

It wasn’t long and it was time to get ready for dinner, it was a cocktail night tonight, so if you want to dine in the main restaurant you must wear a shirt & tie etc. And yes before you ask another three course meal – all we seem to do is eat! At the completion of dinner it was time to go to the theatre to see a singer called Davidia who had joined the cruise ship in Gladstone yesterday. She was an amazing talent, singing all sorts of music. One thing I love about cruise ships is the entertainment is great and you see lots of things for free that normally on the mainland you would have to pay for. After the show it was down to the bar for a night cap after another excellent day aboard.

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