Rail & Sail - Day 12

Rail & Sail - Day 12

By Max Seebohm

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Today is a sea day so everyone can have a sleep in and enjoy our last day of the cruise. We enjoyed a later breakfast today and then had a wander around the ship to have our last look at everything. Bands were still playing in different areas of the ship, bingo was being called and all different kinds of other games in all different places on the ship, making the most of the sea day. Today was also the last chance to purchase your photos from the ship, take your own photos from around the ship and check your onboard account to make sure it was correct.

By this time it’s lunch time and yep you guessed it time to eat again! After lunch it was more of the same wandering around and checking we hadn’t missed anything while we have been aboard. Then it was back to the cabin to pack the bags, as tonight before we go to dinner we need to have our suitcases outside our door ready to be collected for our disembarkation tomorrow morning. It is always important to remember to keep some clothes out for the next day or when you wake the next morning you will either be wearing your dinner clothes or the ships dressing gown as you disembark the cruise ship! Not always a good look!

Down to the dining room for our last dinner on the cruise ship together and to say our goodbyes to our waiters who had been looking after us all week. As usual it was a great meal and was all a bit sad to say goodbye. After dinner most people went to the show in the theatre as it was the finale for all of the singers and dancers we had been watching all week.

Then is was down to Deck 5 to see all the singers and musicians on the ship for a get together with a great variety of music and singing for a final time. A great show, the entertainment has been great for the whole cruise. Time for the last night cap, then off to bed as we have an early start in the morning.

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