Rail & Sail - Day 13

Rail & Sail - Day 13

By Max Seebohm

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Our arrival in Sydney was early as we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Coat Hanger) at about 6.30 am while most people were at breakfast, what a sight! The city lights were still on and the sun was beginning to rise and you could see this under the bridge. After breakfast everyone made their way back to their cabins for the last time to collect their hand luggage as say their goodbyes to their cabin staff who have taken care of their every need for the last 7 days aboard the cruise ship.

We all had to meet in the Connections Bar to begin the disembarkation process. Everyone arrived and very soon our number was called and we were on our way, when we got off the cruise ship we had to collect our luggage and make our way to our transfer coach that was waiting for us.

I noticed while loading the suitcases into the coach that the suitcases had gotten a little heavier! We were now on our way to our hotel for the night, the remainder of the day was at leisure in Sydney, some had things organised, some went walking and others just waited for their rooms to be ready. As we had to disembark the cruise ship so early in the morning there were no surprises that our rooms were not ready. Most people were very understanding and the motel staff did the their best to get us in our rooms earlier, we thank the staff for their co-operation with this.

Dinner tonight was across the road again at the Crystal Palace, a pub that we had frequented earlier in the trip, mainly because of the convenience and location. The food there was magnificent and very reasonably priced. A good feed and a couple of drinks with an early night was the order of the day. A very early morning was coming up!

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