Rail & Sail - Day 14

Rail & Sail - Day 14

By Max Seebohm

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It was an early start this morning as we were catching the XPT train from Sydney to Melbourne and needed to be ready to check in by 6.30 am. As we were too early for breakfast the hotel has organised breakfast boxes for us to take on the train, making it nice and easy for everyone. It wasn’t long and we were all onboard with everyone getting settled in, our seats were very comfortable with plenty of room as we were travelling in First Class. Once we heard the train conductors whistle we were on our way!

There was plenty to see out the windows and plenty of food available for purchase in the onboard café as we travelled towards Melbourne. Along the way we stopped in many little towns that we have passed through before in the car or in the coach but you saw them from a different angle this way. The train was very efficient for all the stops, all the times were spot on travelling at fairly high speeds of 100-160 km with the average speed on the open tracks being about 120 kms.

I really enjoyed the train trip, it was a relaxing way to get to our destination. Some people had a few naps along the way and I think most people enjoyed the train trip for something different. On arrival in Melbourne we had to claim our luggage and then make our way to our coach that was waiting in the coach park nearby.

Once we had loaded the cases under the coach (which seem to be getting heavier still) for the last time we all headed with our hand luggage to the hotel. It didn’t take long and we arrived at our hotel and our dinner was waiting for us, there was time for everyone to get a drink from the bar and sit down to a beautiful meal. Then it was off to bed after a long but enjoyable day of train travel!

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