Rail & Sail  - Day 9

Rail & Sail - Day 9

By Max Seebohm

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Today we had to be ready to get off the ship by 9.15 am as we had a Trade & Industry tour in Gladstone. On a normal day 9.15 am isn’t really an early morning but on the cruise it seems to be! That’s the great part about the cruise, there hasn’t been too many early mornings, it’s been quite relaxing for most people.

So we headed up to the Pantry Restaurant for breakfast for more food and then down to the theatre to meet for our tour. Everyone was up and about and ready to go, I must say that the staff on the ship do a marvellous job getting them off the ship and onto their tours. As it worked out all of our group was on the same tour coach which was good. It was a great tour of the city and all the places of interest were pointed out as well as all of the industry. Gladstone is a massive sea port with ships sitting around waiting everywhere to be loaded with export products such as: logs, coal, wood chips and many other products. Quite a lot of the population are fly in fly out mine workers and just lately the cruise ships have been calling in which has given the economy a welcome boost.

At the completion of the tour we were dropped back at the cruise ship, some people walked to the market and had a look around, they had a variety of things for sale including food and handicrafts. Most people wandered back to the ship for a late lunch and a lazy afternoon as it wasn’t long until it was time to go down to the dining room for more food. There is definitely no shortage of food on this ship!

After dinner it was to the Marque Theatre to see the finals for the karaoke completion, which was a very good standard and a lot of fun. Everyone then went off in all directions, there is so much to do from just heading out somewhere for a coffee to enjoying a night cap in a bar or just having an early night. We have had another great day out today, made more enjoyable with the fine weather we are having.

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