South America - Day 1

South America - Day 1

By Max Seebohm

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We left Mount Gambier on our coach for our long awaited tour of South America. It’s all about to begin, everyone is excited and keen to get going early! Our first stop is Port Fairy for morning tea with everyone busy chatting about what lays ahead over the coming weeks of our tour. It’s not long and we are on the road again as we make our way to Colac for our lunch stop before heading onto the Melbourne Airport where we are dropped off for flight to Santiago in Chile.

Everyone is starting to get excited, even though we have got a few hours to wait for our flight. By the time we get through the check in process, go through security and then onto immigration (which has become much more streamlined these days) it’s now through to the duty free shops and the boarding lounge. It’s time to have a celebratory drink and a snack as you never know with planes as to when they are going to feed you!

Passengers are very much looking forward to this flight as the plane is a 787 Dreamliner a very new type of plane, should be a good experience. Boarding time came around very quickly and before we knew it we were boarding and on our way. Flying with Latam Latin American Airlines was great, it was a beautiful plane, we were served good food and some of us got plenty of sleep. What more could you ask for on a twelve and a half hour flight?

It seemed like no time and we were getting ready to land. When we arrived in the arrivals hall our tour guide was waiting for us ready to take us through the city of Santiago to our hotel for the next three days. It was great to arrive early evening and once we were settled in our room we all went down to the local Italian restaurant for a beautiful meal and a couple of drinks to relax and celebrate our arrival. The language barrier is definitely there but we all had fun getting our orders through, it was a lot of fun with these very friendly people. We had a great meal and after it was time for a good sleep to get the body clock back into whack.

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