South America - Day 10

South America - Day 10

By Max Seebohm

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We are departing Galápagos today being picked up just after breakfast. Our first stop for the day is at the Charles Darwin Centre to check out the tortoises and their breeding program. This place is dedicated to breeding these giant tortoises, they go out and collect eggs and hatch them in an incubator and they also have breeding stock at the centre. They had hundreds of tortoises in all different age groups. When they get to a certain age, if they are strong enough to stay out of harms way they are let go in the wild. They also propagate cacti and other endemic plant to replenish the plants around the islands. Our guided tour took about 2 hours and was very informative then it was back to the coach for our 40 minute drive to make our way to the ferry for our crossing before being transferred to the airport. The ferry crossing is so different to any ferry crossing we have experienced before this trip, they just throw the luggage on the roof of the ferry and passengers are loaded below. We were not the only people using this ferry crossing and normally there is more people than room so it is a bit of a fight to get where you need, but all adds to the adventure.

Once we were checked in for our flight to Quito it was just a waiting game, everything over here is done a fairly relaxed pace. Our plane was delayed by about an hour which made our connecting flight to Lima a bit tight, there was no time to waste and just as we were coming through immigration we heard our flight called so we were just in time.

Our flight to Lima, Peru was very uneventful, I think most people slept through it. On arrival after collecting our bags we were met by our guide and walked across the street to our hotel and by this time it was about 10.30pm, after a very big day it was now bed time.

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