South America - Day 14

South America - Day 14

By Max Seebohm

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We were off on a tour around the town of Cusco to look at the inner city area. The town square had all beautiful lawn areas and seats around where people meet, quite a lot of people around, plenty of bars, restaurants money changing places etc. We had a very good look around, saw some churches and their Cathedral. The people are all very friendly and very helpful.

We then went up into the mountains and checked out an Inca Temple, it had an amphitheatre where a celebration is held there every year with thousands of people attending. It’s another place where the Incas built all the walls etc with much precision interlocking them perfectly to make a very strong wall and was built over 500 years ago.

After our tour around town some of us got dropped off in town and had some lunch, after lunch enjoying a wander around town and eventually back to our hotel late afternoon and others got dropped off at the hotel for a rest or to go shopping.

This afternoon Sue & I went for a walk and found a restaurant not far from our hotel to organise dinner for tonight. Later on we all walked there together and they had found a waiter who spoke good English which made it easier to order our drinks and meals. Once we settled in and had our drinks some music started up and four people came out on stage in Peruvian dance costume and started to show us their traditional dancing. This was a real bonus to see this and they came out about five times and did different dances, it was very entertaining, three people in our group got up on stage and had a bit of a dance. We enjoyed a great meal and the dancing was a bonus so after a fantastic night out we wandered back to our hotel and went to bed.

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