South America - Day 15

South America - Day 15

By Max Seebohm

Categories: south america

We had early breakfast today as we were picked up to go to the airport to fly from Cusco to Lima and then onto to Buenos Aires. All day in airports today, by now everyone knows how it works! Once we get to the boarding lounges we are all waiting for our flight to depart and hoping they are on time today.

On arrival in Buenos Aires our tour guide was waiting for us as usual and we collected our luggage and were soon on our way to our hotel to get checked in. It’s getting easier as we go, luggage up to the rooms and then down to the dining room for dinner which was very nice too. I had a beautiful steak tonight, something we haven’t seen much of so far but Argentina is renowned for steak and didn’t disappoint it was very nice. After dinner it was off to bed after a busy day of flying.

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