South America - Day 16

South America - Day 16

By Max Seebohm

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Today’s tour was around the southern part of town looking at all the parks and gardens. There are so many parks and gardens around the city, it is quite a nice city but like all cities very busy with hundreds of buses, taxis, motor bikes etc. Unbelievable the amount of restaurants that are around, how good the food is and how cheap it is and that goes for drinks as well! Probably the cheapest so far for the whole trip!

After looking at the buildings and statues and having them all explained to us by our guide who was very good we were dropped back to our hotel for a free afternoon. Some went to have a look around the area where we were staying, others went shopping and some found a nice restaurant and had some lunch. Tonight was the dinner and tango show, our bus arrived to pick us up and we were on our way. None of us knew what to expect but when we arrived we were ushered through to the main auditorium and sat down in our seats and we thought my god we are the only ones here. Immediately the waiters started taking orders and filling up wine glasses, our table was right near the stage and I thought surely there must be more people coming, I was right, a few minutes later the people started coming in in droves and in a few minutes the place was packed out.

Once the food was all done the lights went down and the entertainment began, the dancers demonstrated many different techniques and it was entertaining to watch. They had a couple of singers but of course they sang their songs in Spanish. All I can say is the girls and guys that do this are very flexible! The show went for about an hour and when it finished our guide was waiting out the front to pick us up and return us to our hotel after a great night out.

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