South America - Day 17

South America - Day 17

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast this morning we were ready for our tour around the northern and inner part of the city, looking at lots of different buildings and markets. A lot of the city buildings are by French Italian and other European designers and architects with lots of town squares.

We walked through a few of the smaller city markets looking at all the very fresh fruit and vegetables that are sold in the markets every day and are very cheap. We have found that in all the countries we have visited the food, wine and meals in general are very reasonably priced, very good quality and there is always plenty to eat.

After our tour on the way back to our hotel we stopped in at the Italian area in town, where there were more markets, all sorts of food and very colourful buildings with people selling their wares. After spending a bit of time here we were then taken back through the city to our hotel for a free afternoon.

The meals in most restaurants here seem to go all day so at about 3.00pm we sat down at our hotel and had a light lunch before enjoying some free time. At 7.30pm we were booked in at our new favourite restaurant that we have found since we have been here, the food is amazing the waiters don’t speak much English but they are all dressed up in uniform and look a million dollars. We have had so much fun with them, the service is unbelievable, they can’t do enough for you and when we leave they all come to the table to say goodbye to us. So after a great night out and a lot of laughs we all wander back to our hotel for a well earned rest.

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