South America - Day 2

South America - Day 2

By Max Seebohm

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After a good nights sleep it was time for breakfast before our tour of the city of Santiago started. Paula our Tour Guide who met us at the airport yesterday would be with us this morning. Firstly we headed downtown to the city area, having all the buildings pointed out to us. During the tour we were told that there was not a lot of old buildings as most of them have been destroyed over the years by earthquakes and been replaced by more modern buildings. After the city tour we were taken to a lookout high on a hill that looks over the whole city, where you get the idea that Santiago is a very large city with many parks and gardens.

The population of Santiago is 7 million+ and was very interesting to be taken for a walk around the busy streets , shops and parks to see how the other half live.

We might not have known a lot about Chile before we got here but are we are all now well informed and will come away from here not only knowing where Chile is but what it’s all about.

Santiago is approx 1200 metres above sea level and the Andes mountains are to the west of the city but they are usually covered by a sea mist and are hard to see most days. The weather has been very nice for the three days we have been here.

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