South America - Day 3

South America - Day 3

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast today we headed out on a day trip taking us through the mountains, to the coast to see the Pacific Ocean and the town of Valparaiso. When you get close to the coast the drop down to sea level is huge, you seem to be coming down forever. We spent some time looking around the town and all its hilly narrow streets with all its shops nestled in amongst the houses and alleyways. There were also lots of mansions scattered in between. We walked through alleyways, on board walks, had lunch at a little restaurant in the middle of it all, tried one of their many funiculars which are like a lift on rails that people use to get from one level of the hills to another. Better than climbing heaps of stairs and costs about 20c.

It’s funny because when you look at all the houses form the bottom it just looks like a mass of buildings and doesn’t look that inviting but once you get amongst it, it is fantastic and there is so much to discover.

When we returned to our bus we had a look at the beach area which went up a notch, upmarket I mean, I bet it’s a very popular and busy place during the holiday season. In fact it was busy enough while we were there.

By this time it was getting late in the afternoon and we were ready to head back to Santiago. On our return to the hotel we all decided to head down to a local restaurant which we did and had a great night with the locals.

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