South America - Day 4

South America - Day 4

By Max Seebohm

Categories: south america

After a good nights sleep we all met for a leisurely breakfast and then headed up to our room to get ready for our pick up transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima. Everything went well with our check in at the airport (so we thought). We arrived at our destination of Lima and continued through immigration to get to the baggage claim where we found no bags. After enquiring at the desk we found the airline had made a mistake and our bags had been sent to wrong place and were still on the plane.

After much conversation in broken English we were able to talk him into sending out a search party, it took a while but eventually we were able to recover all our luggage. Our transfer coach and guide were still waiting for us so we were transferred to our hotel and still had our dinner albeit at 9.00pm all ended well after our delay and at least we all have our luggage.

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