South America - Day 5

South America - Day 5

By Max Seebohm

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After breakfast we were picked up by Maria for our city tour. After finding out that there are 10 million people living in this city it’s no wonder that it is so busy with people, buses, taxis and cars everywhere! We were also introduced to a whole new way of driving, it’s crazy at this point in time I haven’t been able to work out the rules and I’m starting to believe there isn’t any! They come into very close proximity at corners and traffic lights etc.

After driving around the city area looking at everything we saw many historic sites from life of centuries gone by, old buildings, church’s, gardens and stately homes. We did a walking tour through the Cathedral and all around town, walking through all the people trying to sell all their wares and seeing many things in the crowd that we wouldn’t see at home. On return to our hotel even though it was 2.00pm it was time for some lunch so it was a walk to the city centre where it all happens and found a great restaurant that were very happy to see all of us arrive and it didn’t take long to get a table organised. We were looked after very well with good old fashioned service with plenty of laughs and very happy people serving us. What fantastic food, we all had a great afternoon.

The walk back was tough after a big meal! We were picked up tonight and taken to the magic water circuit for the night and what a show. It was 13 water fountains of all different types with a water and laser light show which was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

We were then transferred to our dinner venue for dinner and a dancing demonstration which went for about one and a half hours and was great to watch. At the end of the night we were transferred back to our hotel after a very busy but great day.

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