South America - Day 9

South America - Day 9

By Max Seebohm

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It was breakfast first up before continuing with another island hop out to the island of Galápagos to continue our discoveries. It was great we went with the same boat company and crew and had the same tour guide which we were happy about as he was very knowledgeable and had a good grip on English so he was very easy to talk to and understand.

It was another beautiful day so we were off to a good start and it wasn’t long and we were back in the boat and off across the ocean on our hour and a half trip to the island of Galapagos. The island also had a colony of sea lions living on it with lots of baby ones. The females keep them in the shallow water while they are learning to swim and to keep them away from the sharks. They have a great warning system in place, the male sea lion swims around and if he spots a shark he makes a special noise and straight away all mothers and babies get out of the water, it was really amazing to see.

This island has heaps of cactus trees growing on it that are hundreds of years old. This is the main diet of the iguana, with thousands of them living here. They are not tall enough to reach the cactus foliage so they have to wait for the leaves to fall on the ground and if it doesn’t rain they don’t fall off so the poor old iguana is a bit hungry at the moment. There are also heaps of birds and fish and big red crabs that come out on the rocks, hundreds of them.

One side of the island has a sheer cliff face and from up the top you can see all different types of sea life and huge schools of fish swimming around the place. Definitely another amazing place to visit! Once back on the boat it was lunch time and today we enjoyed a feed of fresh fish and salad while taking in all the scenery on the cruise back to the dock. On arrival back to our hotel, some people went souvenir shopping as this would be their last opportunity on Galápagos and some went back to their rooms to pack up their stuff before we head off again tomorrow. I think some bags are getting a bit heavier as we go along, a few souvenirs are being purchased!

We met in the dining room for our last dinner here and then had an early night. The hotel we have been staying at has been great and the staff have been very good and can’t do enough to help, it’s been a great place to stay.

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