Tasmanian Tour - Day 11

Tasmanian Tour - Day 11

By Max Seebohm

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Our arrival into Port Melbourne was about 6 am so it we were up and showered ready for the call to go to the coach and drive off boat and then wait at the pier for the passengers. Around 6.30 am the call was made for the passengers to disembark. The passengers were then able to "walk" off the ship to the coach waiting.

Then off into the busy traffic to drive to McDonalds for our breakfast. After McMuffins or hot cakes and coffee it was on the road again. For some it was a first having Maccas for breakfast. We knew we were home again as the traffic was very busy with four lanes in some places. Luckily most of the traffic was going into the city but for us country people it "opens our eyes" to another world.

Back on the road again, many resting their eyes as we drove along, others observing the movements in the paddocks and the changes made over the last 10 days. A couple more stops along the way and it seemed we were back in South Australia in no time at all. When arriving at Lady Nelson it was quite busy with family picking up the travellers and hearing about their adventures on the "Apple isle".

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