Soap to Go

Soap to Go

Categories: flight health
Brand: Soap to Go

Soap to Go In Flight Kit 1 x Antibacterial Hand Gel 60ml 8 x Compressed Towelettes 10 x Tissues 1 x Colgate Toothpaste 20g 1 x Plax Mouthwash 50ml 1 x Travel toothbrush 1 x Re-usable Zip Lock Bag

Did you know that since 2007 to increase your safety, there are rules about taking liquids, aerosols and gels on flights into and out of Australia.

These rules are needed to protect you from the threat of liquid explosives. Each container of liquids, aerosols or gels in your carry-on baggage must be 100ml or less. All the containers must be sealed in a transparent, one litre plastic bag. You are only allowed one bag per passenger. Any resealable bag of one litre capacity or less is allowed.

You may still carry through the screening point prescription medicines, baby products and non-prescription medicines you need for the flight are also allowed. Proof of need may be required.

When you get to the screening point, you will have to surrender any liquids, aerosols or gels greater than 100ml that you still have with you, including duty free. The rules also introduce random frisk searches as part of the screening process.

Please prepare your plastic bag before check in. You will then have time to put any containers that are too big into your check in baggage.

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